Symposium in Munich on Paths and Landscapes

15th of October, 2019

Landscapes are made through walking and paths. Börries von Detten and Henrik Schultz present their ideas for a new concept of landscape paths for Munich´s green fringe and discuss their findings with experts form Vienna, Frankfurt and the region of Munich. Join the symposium “Wege machen Landschaft – gemeinsam für den Grüngürtel” November 13!

“Capacity-building in the city region: creating common spaces” published

3rd of June, 2015

Working with the landscape approach helps to establish a meshwork of vital spatial elements. Carefully designed processes help to change the mind-sets of stakeholders by creating common spaces. Together with Ursula Stein I presented experiences we made when developing 2Stromland, an area that is about to become a hyper-programmed regional space. Find the article in […]

New edition of „Creating Knowledge“ shows project “2Stromland”

7th of May, 2015

“2StromLand” is an area of approximately 80 km2 situated between the metropolitan Ruhr Area and the rural Münsterland. In the region of the two rivers Stever and Lippe local stakeholders join forces to develop a landscape of the future with a view to producing food and energy, enhancing biodiversity and offering delightful and educative insights. […]

Online: Article in Ecowebtown

18th of April, 2015

Together with Sanna Richter and Anke Schmidt I wrote an article on “Designing the periphery of Munich – Strategies for the Regional City”. It is now published in Ecowebtown – Magazine of Sustainable Design”.

ECLAS Conference 2014, Porto: Discussions on Research through Design, Experiments…

23rd of September, 2014

“Experiments help to establish a culture of innovation”, said Jack Ahern when presenting his thoughts on urban resilience strategies (biodiversity, connectivity, multifunctionality, redundancy and modularity, and adaptive design). Ahern proposed to conceive experiments in order to foster a culture of innovation. They are a way to learn to act with uncertainty. Learning by designing is […]

Walk 21 Munich – Where are the landscape designers?

12th of September, 2013

A conference on walking! I expected hundreds of landscape architects attending the workshops and presenting ideas for open space designs and cooperative planning processes using walking as method to perceive and change the urban Geschehen. Where were you? Don´t leave this large field of action and research to traffic planners and urban sociologists! Walk21 Munich