In my talk „Das Land als Sphäre der Verortung einer multilokalen Gesellschaft?“ during the conference “Gutes Leben auf dem Land” (July 5, 2018) I presented my thoughts on new interdependencies between urban and rural spaces initiated through new forms of being “en route”. I understand multilocality as a result of structural necessity, action capacity and living strategy (Dick et al 2014) and follow Nicolas Bourriauds definition of mobile people as radicant. “To be radicant means setting one´s roots in motion, staging them in heterogeneous contexts and formats, denying them the power to completely define one´s identity, translating ideas, transcoding images, transplanting behaviors, exchanging rather than imposing”(Bourriaud 2009). Transferring this to the question of rural-urban relation I say: Complex patterns of movement between urban and rural places should be understood and designed as a play of affiliation and detachment.