Archive: September 2015

Line-Walking. Path-Making. Performing Landscape.

23rd of September, 2015

The ECLAS conference 2015 in Tartu again demonstrated the wide spectrum of landscape research. I found it encouraging seeing that there is a growing effort in doing research on landscape as a performative process of transformation. Laurel McSherry gave a great insight in her observations along River Raritan, presenting the method of line-walking as a […]

New video: Three spatial visions for Freiburg

17th of September, 2015

While working on the “Perspektivplan Freiburg” we, a group of landscape architects and urban planners (cityförster, freiwurf, Stein+Schultz) walked the city quite a bit. On our walks one thing stroked us in particular: The intermediate spaces. Sitting between plaices of settlement, marking the city´s edge, they are very often dominated by technical infrastructures like roads […]

IBA Salon Landschaft erleben – discussing with Knut Wold

7th of September, 2015

IBA Thüringen presents the Norwegian “Landscape Routes” as an outstanding example for landscape development. Knut Wold will present the approach on September 9 . I am very much looking forward to be part of the panel and discuss with him the role of path-making and architecture. IBA Salon Landschaft erleben Landscape Routes Norway