The power of paths. Talk at LASIE-Congress in Munich.

10th of November, 2017

I presented the findings from our project “Concept for paths and landscape perception in Munich’s greenbelt” at the LASIE-Congress. Walking the green belt with different groups of stakeholders revealed talents and challenges. Walking Workshops helped to understand different types of paths and associated landscape perceptions. Project together with Börries v. Detten, freiwurf.



Innovation walks for LEAD Academy

10th of July, 2017

Last Friday I sent twenty participants of the LEAD Academy on their ways to explore their innovation strategies while walking Berlin. The newly formed Office For Applied Intuition (OFAI) ran a training course “Intuition+Ratio=Innovation”. I designed and facilitated walks fostering movement as crucial part of innovation processes. “One of the most inspiring trainings I´ve ever joined” said a team leader. Learn more about the OFAI here.


Inspiring first Walking Workshop in Munich

30th of June, 2017

On May 16, 30 people from the North of Munich met 30 international landscape experts from “LeNotre Landscape Forum” and walked Munich´s open spaces together. I came up with a route and introduced a set of rules (to walk in silence, to keep ten steps distance…) to inspire an intense engagement with the urban landscape. The reflection after the walk brought up relevant questions that should be addressed when designing the green spaces at Munich´s urban fringe. The walking workshop was the first of a serious of guided walks and part of the design study “Landschaftsbezogene Wegekonzeption für den Grüngürtel München” carried out by Börries v. Detten and me.


Engaging and Metaphors: Inspiring debate about co-creative projects in Leuven

24th of April, 2017

On April 20, in Leuven, Belgium, I presented my experiences with successful co-creative planning projects to researchers and project developers of the Department Omgeving of Vlaanderen – and we had a great discussion on the role of walking, engagement and metaphors in those projects. It became clear that it is crucial to creatively implement the European Landscape Convention searching for ways to understand landscapes “as areas as perceived by people”. It´s a great chance to bring regional landscape planning alive.

Now out: New book “Research in Landscape Architecture”

7th of December, 2016

… with a text on walking as research method by Rudi van Etteger and me. Walking, in our view, holds great promise for obtaining knowledge to inform the design of complex landscapes, and walking can be profitably used in the context of research through designing. Walking is especially suitable for answering research questions dealing with complex and unfamiliar tasks that require engagement with the object of research in order to understand and frame the problem properly. The book was edited by Adri van den Brink, Diedrich Bruns, Hilde Tobi and Simon Bell. Research in Landscape Architecture. Methods and Methodology.


Will urbanizing Shenzhen be walkable in the future?

31st of October, 2016

Walkable and multidimensional public space is key to sustainable urban villages, especially in the rapidly urbanising city of Shenzhen, China. In his talk at this year meeting of the alumni of “Zukunftsbrücke. Chinese-German young professional campus”, Shi Jian, curator and strategy director of ISREADING CULTURE Beijing, presented a fascinating analysis of urban growth in Shenzhen and showed projects of sustainable urban development. In Shenzhen house prizes almost doubled during the last year and a key question is: What is the right strategy to make megacities sustainable and resilient without loosing regional identity and compromising on public space?

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Talk at ECLAS: Engaging with the object of research

21st of September, 2016

How can we understand landscape as complex, ever changing object without simplifying it or isolating aspects? How can researchers understand particularities and ephemeral aspects of landscapes? To these questions I proposed answers in my talk at ECLAS-Conference in Rapperswill. For the participants of the Doctoral Colloquium I try to specify what design research could look like.

“Walk the valley. Design the valley.”

31st of August, 2016

Teaching at summerschool “Update Wolfach”: Students from different disciplinary backgrounds met in the lovely black forest Kirnbach-valley for 9 days and found designs for landscapes of the future. I contributed with my experiences on walking and designing. The summerschool was organised by Prof. Gothe (KIT), Prof. Antje Stokman (Uni Stuttgart), Prof. Dr. Küster (LUH, Hannover), Prof. Dr. Voesgen (FH Potsdam) and Hardy Happle (Architect). Have a look at the publication!


Research Walk „Experimentierfeld Dorf“

31st of August, 2016

Walking the rural landscape is an important element of research on villages. Sigrun Langner invited me to design and lead a walk through the rural landscape north of the German city of Weimar. The walk and the following workshop are part of the interdisciplinary research project “Experimentierfeld Dorf”, sponsored by Volkswagen Foundation.IMG_9105IMG_9148