While working on the “Perspektivplan Freiburg” we, a group of landscape architects and urban planners (cityförster, freiwurf, Stein+Schultz) walked the city quite a bit. On our walks one thing stroked us in particular: The intermediate spaces. Sitting between plaices of settlement, marking the city´s edge, they are very often dominated by technical infrastructures like roads or high voltage power lines. We built on that when designing strategies and spatial visions for Freiburg: The strategy CAPTURE! improves big streets for pedestrians and cyclists. We suggest using the unused roadside greenery for new houses and backyards. One of the three spatial visions we proposed for the future development of the city is called STRONG INTERCONNECTIONS and rethinks the city along its intermediate spaces. New dense neighbourhoods and open green spaces will be developed here. Most of our ideas emerged from the walks.

Perspektivplan Freiburg – Video spatial visions (German)

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