“2StromLand” is an area of approximately 80 km2 situated between the metropolitan Ruhr Area and the rural Münsterland. In the region of the two rivers Stever and Lippe local stakeholders join forces to develop a landscape of the future with a view to producing food and energy, enhancing biodiversity and offering delightful and educative insights. To do so, the project undertakes long-term experiments which explore concepts for innovative land management, land use and the design of the forests, fields and floodplains. Both these local experimental interventions and large-scale strategic planning concepts contribute to a holistic development of the landscape. Stein+Schultz supports the stakeholders in developing design ideas and feasibility studies as well as internal co-operation and communication with local citizens, the regional public and research partners. In the brand-new e-edition of “Creating Knowledge – innovation strategies for designing urban landscapes” (Seggern, Werner, Grosse-Bächle) the project is presented.

Jovis: Creating Knowledge